Outreach National Radio Award is an initiative to recognize and encourage individuals/organisations for their remarkable contribution to the broadcasting industry. The awards will be given on the occasion of Outreach International Radio Fair 2024, Bhubaneswar. You can submit your nomination for 2023, now. The award comprises six categories.

  1. ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, which will be given to a person who has delivered excellence in the field of radio broadcasting throughout his/her life.
  2.  ‘Award for Best Use of Radio in Public Service’, will honour someone who has used radio for wellness and development of the public.
  3. ‘Popular Radio Presenter of the Year’ award will be presented to a person who has gained mass popularity.
  4. ‘Popular Radio Program of the Year’ award will be given to the one who hosts/produces the most popular radio program among the audience.
  5. ‘Community Radio Station of the Year’ will be conferred to the community radio station which has delivered community based content as well as has worked for its development with active local involvement.
  6. There will be a special ‘Radio Listener of the Year’ award which will be bestowed to the one who has been a dedicated and active listener throughout his life.
  7. Upendra Pahadsingh Memorial Award with Rs 10,000/- cash prize will be given to a young talent of Odisha Media Industry.
  8. Nadia Bihari Mohanty Memorial Award will be presented to a Radio Veteran of Odisha for his remarkable contribution to broadcasting sector.

The winners will be selected on the basis of the maximum number of nominations and remarks of the Jury committee. Anyone can nominate one person/organization each for the above said categories till midnight of 31st January 2023, in the official website of Outreach International Radio Fair.

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